Terms and Conditions

Rankers Force - Terms and Conditions

Review the Terms and Conditions of Rankers Force to understand the guidelines and legal agreements governing the use of our software solutions and services, and more.

Project Cost Determination and Alterations

Rankers Force LLC, hereafter referred to as “Rankers Force”, endeavors to provide comprehensive software services tailored to meet our client’s unique needs. Project costs are meticulously determined based on our understanding of client requirements, complexity, and the specified timeline. It is imperative to acknowledge that any modifications or enhancements to project features, including micro-improvements, may incur additional expenses.

Clients are encouraged to engage in thorough discussions during face-to-face meetings to confirm and specify their explicit requirements and demands. By acknowledging a quotation, whether conveyed orally, through email correspondence, initiation fee payment, or a signature on a quote, clients express their unequivocal acceptance of Rankers Force’s policies and terms.

Client Obligations and Project Guidelines

Clients play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the project. It is incumbent upon them to guarantee that all essential elements are adequately incorporated in the quotations and that we are provided with unambiguous guidelines.
Rankers Force relies on accurate and comprehensive information; any disparities or uncertainties may necessitate adjustments to the project scope, potentially incurring additional costs.

Project Timeline Management and Adjustments

Every project undertaken by Rankers Force is allocated a fixed number of hours. Minor adjustments within the agreed-upon timeframe are accommodated on an individual basis. While our commitment is to complete projects within the stipulated timeframe, any substantial alterations to features or functions may result in rational delays, which are mutually accepted.

Client Disruptions and Additional Expenditures

In the event of disruptions at the client’s end, the proposed project timeline and suggested timescales may be subject to postponement, potentially leading to additional expenses. Rankers Force seeks to mitigate these circumstances by maintaining open communication channels and collaborative problem-solving.

Refund Policy and Credits

Rankers Force maintains a strict policy regarding refunds and credits. Exceptions to this policy may be considered at our absolute discretion or as necessitated by applicable laws.

Software Development, Bugs, and Rework

Rankers Force assures clients that any bugs (programming errors) identified during or immediately after the development phase will not incur additional charges. However, rework on tasks considered completed initially or modifications to the layout may necessitate additional fees.

Content Submission and Project Delays

To ensure the timely progression of projects, Rankers Force requires all website content and relevant items to be submitted within the first two weeks. Any unforeseen disruptions beyond a reasonable timeframe may result in project delays, potentially leading to additional charges.

Rigorous Testing and Browser Compatibility

Rankers Force diligently tests webpages on PCs, utilizing the most recent versions of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Responsive compatibility is validated on iPhones and iPads. Clients are urged to communicate specific browser testing requirements in advance.

Network Issues and Non-Synapse Servers

For webpages not hosted on Synapse servers, any additional hours required due to network issues are not included in our initial quotes and will be billed separately.

Project Stalling and Administrative Costs

Rankers Force acknowledges that project stalling can occur for various reasons. Consequently, stalling for over two months will incur administrative costs of $99 per week. Additionally, such stalling may lead to a reassessment of previously approved estimates. Rankers Force emphasizes the importance of prior notice for any project being put on hold to facilitate effective team coordination.

Intellectual Property and Code Ownership

Rankers Force’s software codes (excluding open-source software) are safeguarded by copyright. Upon settlement of all invoices, clients may opt to acquire the codes at an additional cost for their use. However, these codes are exclusively tailored to the client’s specific needs and may not be resold or duplicated under any circumstances.

Rankers Force asserts ownership of the copyright for all codes created for clients. A license is granted for the client’s exclusive use of any bespoke software, forming part of the hosting fee. This license is not transferable to any external host, and no connectivity to the software codes is permitted.

Internet Infrastructure and Third-Party Elements

The websites and applications crafted by Rankers Force are meticulously designed using commercial-grade internet infrastructure.

The optimal performance of the website may be contingent upon its implementation on an internet network tailored for website traffic, as opposed to an office network.

Rankers Force strives to evaluate the appropriateness of any third-party elements incorporated into the projects. However, any unforeseen constraints arising from third-party elements are beyond our control. Purchase costs associated with SSL, Payment Gateway, Google AdWords, Plug-in licenses, etc., are not included in our initial estimates.

Rankers Force assumes no liability for accessible options such as WordPress, Open-Source Carts, Joomla, etc. Clients are responsible for ensuring the regular upkeep of all elements and third-party software to avoid disruptions. Regular maintenance checks are recommended to identify and address potential issues proactively.

Rankers Force collaborates with third-party vendors to offer specialized packages. It is pertinent to note that changes in the rules and strategies of third-party providers may impact the services provided by Rankers Force.

Unavoidable Delays and Client Understanding

Delays, while regrettable, can sometimes be unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances. Rankers Force assures clients that every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the proposed schedule. Clients are kindly requested not to penalize Rankers Force for any unintentional delays.

Domain Registration, Renewal, and Hosting Fees

Domain-related charges such as registration and renewal are not included in our project or proposal estimates unless explicitly specified. If clients opt to cover these items, Rankers Force will provide a separate estimate for approval.

Hosting fees are not included in the initial project quote. Rankers Force can facilitate an appropriate hosting solution if necessary, with a separate quote forwarded for client approval. In cases where clients manage their web hosting, Rankers Force should be contacted before finalizing the type of web host and data system to ensure compatibility with the development technology. It is crucial to note that full access to the server and hosting support is required for testing and application organization. Rankers Force disclaims responsibility for disruptions or errors caused by the actions of the hosting company, either directly or indirectly.

Testing Protocols and Website Transfer

Rankers Force typically tests internet sites on servers or domains hosted by us. Direct connectivity to our test server and websites by any third party is prohibited. Upon full payment of all invoices and dues, the website can be transferred to a designated third-party server.

Intellectual Property Transfer

Upon payment in full of outstanding invoices, Rankers Force grants an unconditional license to the client for the reproduction, publication, engagement, utilization, variation, or other dealings with the visual effects, writings, and photos used in the published webpage and associated form and functionality. This license excludes intellectual property related to the creation of the website, such as internet advertising, active development, database structures, scripts, forms, or capabilities.

Communication Protocols

Email serves as the primary medium for all communications and correspondence. Clients are obligated to keep Rankers Force updated on their current email addresses to facilitate seamless communication.